Southeast Mo. schools use #Clearthelist movement to unite cross-town rivals

Updated: Aug. 15, 2019 at 5:55 AM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - It’s no secret that most teachers dip into their own pockets to pay for supplies in their classroom every year. Now a social media campaign is trying to ease the burden teachers feel.

This #CleartheList is happening all over the country and two local teachers who are using their rivalry to help each other.

“It really is rivalry when it comes to the courts and the fields but when it comes to teachers we are just here for the kids whether it’s a Cape kid or a Jackson kid we just want to help kids," said Halley Russell, a teacher at Jackson High School. "You don't focus on the idea of its them versus us its just we're all teachers we're all here to do the same," said Amanda Dugan, a teacher at Cape Central Middle School.

Cape Girardeau and Jackson are known rivals but both teachers said when it comes to the classroom, teachers put that rivalry to the side.

“It really is how do we help each other to make the experience in southeast Missouri the best it can be,” said Russell.

That’s why Russell started a thread on Facebook between Cape Girardeau and Jackson teachers to clear the list.

“So playing on the rivalry that the kids have on the field or on the courts so let’s see how we can make this a united front," said Russell.

Clear the list is a social media campaign started by a teacher in Texas to help teachers get the items they need to make their classroom a success by sharing their Amazon wish list with the hashtag “clear the list.”

"Teachers spend a lot of money out of their pockets so what it was trying to do was encourage other teachers to help each other get through these wish lists that help get through the school year," said Dugan.

“I was able to buy for other people they were able to buy for me and its cool because it’s almost like Christmas you get to see someone got something for my classroom, someone cares about me,” said Russell.

You don’t have to be a fellow teacher to play along, anyone can give to an educator.

“If you jump on Twitter and do #clearthelist you have the ability to find any teachers list who has put it out there. And you know like mine gets sent to the school so you know it’s going to the school and I’m going to use it at the school and in the classroom,” said Russell.

We’re asking local teachers to share their list here.

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