Police chase ends when stolen SUV runs out of gas; 5 teens arrested, 1 dead

Stolen car chase ends when teens run out of gas

CHICAGO (Gray News) - An SUV full of teenagers pulled up next to Gurnee police officers Tuesday morning in dire need of help.

One of them, a 14-year-old boy, was dying. Just moments earlier, he had suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

Little did those officers know, the teens were suspected of trying to steal a vehicle from the driveway of a 75-year-old man. Around 1:15 a.m., deputies from Lake County got a call from the man, who said he’d opened fire on a bunch of thieves before they sped off.

The officers at the scene were responding to an unrelated wreck, but immediately gave the child first aid when he arrived.

One of the teens, a 17-year-old male, stayed with the wounded boy. He was the first to be taken into custody, WLS reported.

The others sped off in a 2015 Lexus SUV, beginning a high-speed chase.

Deputies and Illinois State Troopers joined in the pursuit, which reached speeds of more than 120 mph.

The high-speed portion of it came to an end as the clock neared 2 a.m. The SUV had run out of gas, so the teens bolted on foot.

The suspects didn’t get too far, though. Sgt. Chris Covelli told the Chicago Tribune they arrested 16- and 17-year-old males and an 18-year-old woman “pretty quickly.”

Another 17-year-old male had marginally better luck fleeing the scene. Deputies brought in a K-9, named Dax, to track him down.

Dax led investigators to a large garbage bin just a block away. The boy tried to hide from police by burying himself in trash, authorities said.

At this point, Chicago officers were involved and they took him into custody.

Investigators learned that the SUV the teens had been driving around in was reported stolen on Sunday.

The boy with the gunshot wound was taken to an area hospital where doctors pronounced him dead.

Authorities have not released his identity nor the name of the man who shot him. Covelli did confirm that the man had a concealed-carry permit, an Illinois Firearm Owners ID Card and a small revolver.

The homeowner told Covelli he stepped outside to see why an SUV was parked in front of his remote home. He said two of the teens approached him and he could see one of them holding something.

To protect his wife and property, the man said he pulled out a gun and started shooting. Authorities later recovered a Bowie knife on the man’s property.

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