All Missouri students will have access to online courses

Back to School: Virtual courses in Missouri Schools

ADVANCE, Mo. (KFVS) - All Missouri school students now have access to online courses under a new law that took effect this summer.

The measure allowed any qualified student to enroll in virtual classes, with their school districts paying for that access.

Advance Superintendent Shannon Garner is talking about how his district will adapt to the new state law expanding online courses to all students.

"We may decide different criteria for the virtual schools and who can go into a virtual school and who can its's kind of been left wide open for the school district to decide," he said.

Under the new law, qualified full-time students choose from courses approved by their school districts.

"We base it on it would be in the best interest of the students, the best interest may be that they can't function in a regular classroom,"Garner said.

Andrea Beggs, with Central Academy in Cape Girardeau, said virtual learning is nothing new for the students at her school.

"We use it here at central academy in a variety of ways. We use it to blend our classrooms,"said Beggs.

Beggs said she liked online courses because it helps students learn at their own pace.

“It’s like differentiating instruction making sure we can individualize making sure we can help each of these students in their own way,” she said.

Garner said this will be a great opportunity for some of his students.

“There are students who are here or students that we’ve had in the past that will benefit greatly from this also,” he said.

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