Fire officials: “trim back low hanging tree limbs”

Fire officials: “trim back low hanging tree limbs”
Sunshine is peaking through the trees in Olive Branch, IL (Source: William Foeste)

LAKE OF EGYPT, Ill. (KFVS) - Fire officials with the Lake Egypt Fire Protection District are asking residents to trim low hanging branches.

Officials said the limbs can potentially slow down response time and damage trucks or equipment.

Their fire apparatus are roughly 12 feet tall according to officials.

Call Lt. Brady Crane at the fire station, 618-964-1278, if you are unable to trim the branches and officials will attempt to assist you.

Officials said this is for in-district residents only.

The request comes after a possible structure fire officials responded to where low hanging limbs ripped ladders off a truck, damaging the ladders and the ladder mounts.

This incident will cost more than $1,000 for new ladders and mounts.

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