Drivers don’t just pick up and drop off, but are responsible for checking the bus

Bus drivers gear up for school year

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Bus drivers don’t just have the job of picking up and dropping off your children.

They also have to make sure the bus is safe and ready for take off.

Bus driver Terry Boese said, it's mandatory to do a pre-check every day before they do pick-ups.

“It’s imperative we got 68 points of safety to check," he said.

Boese explained why.

“And this is for the safety of the kids, other drivers out there, bus drivers," he added.

Boese said, he arrives at 5:30 every morning to start checking off the list before heading to at least 20 bus stops.

"You start off mainly inside the cab checking your horn your wipers and all your four-way lights," he said.

He talked about what they check on the outside of the bus.

"We turn on the four-way flashers to make sure the ambers and red lights are working properly," he said.

Boese said, he’s been doing this for two years and it’s just part of the routine.

"You know it's a staying on top of its situation," he said.

Boese says once the check list is finished, he is ready for takeoff.

He tells Heartland News that he can’t wait for the first day of school on Thursday, August 14.

“I’ve looked forward to it all summer. I love my job,” he said.

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