Heat impacts air conditioning businesses

Heat impacts air conditioning businesses

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - A Cape Girardeau air conditioning company said it’s a mild summer so far, which doesn’t help business.

“A lot of people say in this industry, if it would stay 60 to 70 degrees, that would be great, but not so much for business. So if it’s hot, I’m happy," said Jacob Cook who works as a technician for Dutch Enterprises.

“I’ve talked to a lot of other contractors. This has been a slower summer. Nothing compared to last year. Last year I think everyone was having a tough time keeping up,” said Chris Janet, Dutch Enterprises director of sales.

Here’s why. The hot temperatures take a beating on the air conditioning systems, leading to more calls for service.

“When the nighttime lows stay up in the 70s, we’re very busy. When the nighttime lows get down in the 60s it seems like that makes a big difference on air conditioning systems. They have time to rest overnight," said Janet.

But Cook said they still work mostly outside in the heat.

“And some people think well at least you get to go inside. But a lot of times the inside is also hot because the AC’s dead,” said Cook.

So, he takes advantage of rides in between appointments in the air-conditioned van and an accessory.

“I get to wear a really sweet straw brimmed hat usually especially if you’re on the roof. That helps knock the sun off of your face at least. You just gotta suck it up and rock it out in the heat and try to stay as cool as you can," said Cook.

“You know what, we’re also human too, and so we certainly enjoy the milder temperatures just like the rest of the homeowners in Cape Girardeau area do," said Janet.

To keep your air conditioning units running during the hottest days of summer, Janet recommended getting regular, professional maintenance and changing your filter often. Also, keep your systems away from bushes.

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