Heartland teen cancer survivor encourages people to donate blood

Teen explains needs for blood drives

SCOTT CITY, Mo. (KFVS) -As we ask you to roll up your sleeves and donate during the KFVS summer blood drive, one family wants you to know why it’s so important to give.

“It’s a huge thing for these kids to go through. Huge," said Jessica Braun.

Doctors diagnosed Braun’s son 15-year-old Collin with osteosarcoma in October of 2018. It’s a form of cancer treated with chemotherapy.

“We were sailing through it at first, and we’re like hey this is going great. And the doctor kept saying it’s coming it’s coming. Your levels will get low,” she said.

When that time came, “I’d be super tired. Sleep for like twenty-one hours a day," said Collin Bruan.

“His body hurt all over, and he couldn’t get the chemo that he needed to defeat cancer,” said Bruan.

Once Collin received a blood transfusion, Jessica said he changed immediately.

“He would look better. He would get his complexion back. His lips wouldn’t be as blue, as pale, and he would be acting better," said Braun.

“To be honest, I just feel lucky that I was able to get that blood," said Collin.

Now, the two are encouraging people to donate blood for children like Collin.

“If people could see how much they’re helping others, I think it would change how they thought about it. Collin is afraid of needles. And that was always the biggest thing people were telling me when we were doing a blood drive. Oh I’m scared of needles I can’t do it. Collin did needles for ten months," said Braun. "And if we saw the battle that we fight every day, we would realize how easy our lives are.”

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