Man accused of taking money from several Butler County, Mo. businesses

Man wanted for suspected propane thefts in Butler County

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. (KFVS) - A man is wanted in Butler County, Missouri for a unique way of stealing from several businesses.

“We call him the propane bandit, and I would just like to catch him," said Jeralyn Goodman, who owns several Munch-N-Pump stores around the Poplar Bluff area.

She said the man pictured below stole money from a few of her stores, and she’s not alone.

(Courtesy of: Jeralyn Goodman)
(Courtesy of: Jeralyn Goodman)

“He’s good. He’s probably gotten thousands and thousands of dollars from all over the small areas around here,” said Goodman.

According to Goodman, the thief puts a handwritten note in the propane tank cage and tells the cashier the manager approved him for a refund for three tanks.

“He says he’s already brought the tanks back. He’s with a youth group, so not very nice I don’t think to use a good cause to scam good people that are trying to make a living,” said Goodman.

Police said the man’s vehicle looks like a Nissan with a dent in it. It does not have a front license plate, and Goodman said he parks so security cameras cannot see the back of his vehicle.

Courtesy of: Jeralyn Goodman
Courtesy of: Jeralyn Goodman

“He just looks like your dad. He’s probably I’m gonna say 45 to 55 years old. He wears nice clothes, Nike shirts.”

“He’s targeting easy stores where he can get in and out access. He’s not gonna be a danger to the public. He’s just taking money from the stores, good honest people. Just like all the other thieves, hard working individuals. Somebody’s always trying to take money the easy way,” said Chief Deputy Wesley Popp with the Butler County Sheriff’s Department.

He recommended never taking anything at face value.

“Don’t be afraid to call and check up on it. If it sounds too good to be true. It is,” said Chief Deputy Popp.

“I want him to be caught so nobody else has to pay out," said Gooman.

If you know anything about the man or the thefts, contact your local police department.

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