Man from McClure, Ill. finds black mold inside flooded home

Man from McClure, IL finds black mold inside flooded home

MCCLURE, Ill. (KFVS) - As the Illinois Emergency Management Agency continues assessing flood damage in Alexander County and some residents are returning home to find black mold growing inside.

Bobby Lond returned to his property in McClure, Ill. Tuesday, Aug. 6, but right now he’s still forced to live inside a camper because black mold inside his house poses a health risk.

“There ain’t much here to be back here for. When I got back in there I wasn’t as eager as I thought I was because it’s a disaster," Long said. “I want them to see what it’s done, and I can’t touch it until they do.”

Now that floodwaters are receding Long is taking a closer look at the damage that’s left behind.

When the flooding was at it’s worst, Long said ten inches of water got inside parts of his home and the entire first level of his brother’s house next door.

Upon stepping inside Long’s brother’s house, water could be felt in the still soaked carpet and signs of black mold could be seen spreading on the floors, up the walls and through the foundation of the house.

“Anywhere there was a crack and water oozes through there can be mold in there and bacteria," Long said. "It don’t never stop until you get rid of it, and putting bleach on it don’t stop it. It slows it down a little bit but you’ve got to get it all out of there.”

Long and his brother’s family cannot move back into either structure because exposure to the black mold is unhealthy.

“My brother’s wife has got COPD. She can not even come over here to this property anymore because it throws her into having to use oxygen,” Long said. “It is not fit to be in these houses and anybody that is taking an extremely big risk.”

Long said he has reported the damage to FEMA and IEMA and now it’s a waiting game to see if he can qualify for any assistance.

“I just hope and pray that they don’t take forever. there is a lot more than just me that is in a jam,” Long said.

Long expects his brother's house to be a total loss but is hoping to salvage what he can out of his home.

Staff with IEMA will continue inspecting flooded homes in Alexander County this week.

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