MoDOT asking driver and students to stay alert for Back To School

MoDOT asking driver and students to stay alert for Back To School

(KFVS) - The Missouri Department of Transportation is issuing some reminders for drivers and students while school begins after the summer break.

As schools start up again, more children will be on or near the roadways, walking and bicycling to school or waiting for the bus.

As Missouri’s colleges and universities reopen, drivers could experience higher traffic as students return to campus.

MoDOT has some reminders for drivers:

· Buckle Up, Phone Down: Looking away from the roadway to send a text doubles the chances of being involved in a crash. Avoid using your cell phone or any activity that might take you attention away from the roadway. Make sure that everyone in the vehicle is buckled in.

· Expect the Unexpected: Watch out for children walking or bicycling. Also, be aware that children who may be late for school could dart out into the street without looking for traffic.

· Do not Pass: State law requires that vehicles in both lanes must stop when a school bus has its red warning lights flashing and the stop sign extended.

· Slow down: Watch for school zones where speed limits are reduced.

Here are a few tips for students, parents and caregivers:

· Always stay in sight of the bus driver: Make eye contact when possible. Assume drivers cannot see you and never walk behind a school bus.

· Don’t hurry off the bus: Make sure to check traffic first.

· Use sidewalks where available: If you must walk in the street, walk single file facing traffic.

· Be alert: Avoid using cell phones, earbuds and hand-held games as they can be a distraction.

· Use caution: When crossing a street, look left, then right and then left again. Wait until all cars are stopped or the road is clear before stepping out.

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