IEMA sends damage assessment team to Alexander County

IEMA sends damage assessment team to Alexander County

EAST CAPE GIRARDEAU, Ill. (KFVS) - There’s a new flood of emotions for people who found out their Alexander County homes are a total loss.

On August 5, a team from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency went to each house in down to assess the damage from the flood. It’s also the first time some residents are seeing the inside of their homes in months.

“It is tough, and if you haven’t been through it you can’t, there’s no way to explain it," said Charles Prater, who lived in East Cape Girardeau.

We first introduced you to Prater back on June 11, when the U.S. Coast Guard helped him evacuate. He hasn’t been home since that day.

“I do miss being here. I mean this is been home for twenty-seven years,” he said.

Now, he’s seeing the damage.

“The house is a total loss," he said.

Prater said the floor is not safe to walk on, and the furniture is tilted, sinking with the foundation. According to Alexander County EMA Director Mike Turner, that’s something documented by the IEMA team in town.

“They will look at the number of homes with damage, the number of homes destroyed out of the entire population of the area, and that will go into their determination as to whether or not there is a federal declaration issued for individual assistance," said Turner.

He said it’s just one step of a long process.

“I’m not gonna wait on them. I’m just gonna pick up and move on and move with my life,” said Prater.

He plans to close on a house in Cape Girardeau soon.

“I’m one of the fortunate few here that I have resources. There are people in the trailer park who do not have the resources I do, and they are hurting. We’re gonna be fine. But again there’s people here that are not gonna be fine," said Prater.

According to Turner, the IEMA team will finish assessing homes in East Cape Girardeau and McClure on Tuesday, August 6. For residents not home, they will place information on your door.

Becky Glodo with the Village of East Cape Girardeau said the mobile homes are still under a voluntary evacuation. They do not have gas, electric or water.

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