Mountain biking gaining traction in southeast Mo. with racing event

Steamroller mountain bike race in Jackson

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - Roughly 100 people came out to the Klaus Park Steamroller event in Jackson, Missouri on Sunday, Aug. 4.

Mountain bike riders took to the 4.5-mile trail through a rocky and rough terrain throughout the park.

"Klaus Park is an incredible race venue," Klaus Park Steamroller organizer Bryan Greaser said. "It's part of what's called the United Federation of Dirt (UFD). It's a statewide Missouri mountain biking race circuit with a lot of races in St. Louis, one in St. Joe. But we are out here today to bring racing back to Cape Girardeau."

The event was hosted by the Midwest Trail Builders Coalition along with several community donors to help grow more interest and events in the area.

“There’s not a lot of mountain biking in this region,” Greaser said. “We don’t have a lot of trails. You have to drive out to the Ozark Trail or up to St. Louis where they have a lot of trails. There’s not a lot around here and so we are real proud of this race venue.”

Greaser said events like these are a great way to grow the sport and thinks the interest is growing locally.

"We want to grow the sport," Greaser continued. "We think mountain biking is an incredible sport. It does wonders for people's health and it's fun. Local bike shops, we like helping them sell bikes and gears and just growing the sport."

The event consisted of several classes including Category 1 racers (27 miles), marathon racers (roughly 40 miles) and a kids run.

Greaser said it’s good to get the kids involved in the sport to carry on the interest for mountain biking for years to come in the southeast Missouri area.

“We know that if we want to continue to grow this sport, you have to keep kids interested,” Greaser added. “It’s great to get them off their gadgets and get them out here on a trail. They always seem to enjoy it.”

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