McClure receives flood assistance from Shawnee Development Council

Financial help for flood victims in McClure

McClure, Ill. (KFVS) - People in McClure, Illinois are picking up the pieces after months of flooding but, they aren’t doing it alone.

“It means the world to me about receiving help from the Shawnee Development Council," Tyane Holland responded.

Holland said things haven’t been easy.

“It’s actually quite difficult getting a hold on a lot of people that will actually help assist you,” Holland said.

She revealed she had never dealt with flooding before and all the expenses that come with it.

"I am dealing with a very high electric bill and I am behind on that," she said.

Shawnee Executive director, Deanna Williams, said she’s happy they can lend a hand.

"They have a lot more to go through but most of the people are really relieved that they have help," Williams said.

Williams described how the council can help residents get back on their feet.

“It will be different things such as rent, or gas cards, or help with school supplies, or food anything that the family deems is their true emergency need,” she said.

Holland called dealing with flooding for months terrifying. She's glad it's over.

“Everyone will overcome this," Holland said.

On Friday, Aug. 2, the Shawnee Development Council will be in East Cape at the Pit Stop.

Assistance for flood victims in East Cape

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