Illinois Army National Guard continues floodfight in East Cape Girardeau

National Guard still at work in S. Ill.

EAST CAPE GIRARDEAU, Ill. (KFVS) - Months of flooding have plagued Alexander County, Illinois. While they are starting to see some relief, the fight against the floodwaters still continues.

The Illinois Army National Guard were on hand in East Cape Girardeau on Sunday where they were going around and checking on pumps, sandbag walls, cleaning up unused sandbags and assisting the community with any needs they may have.

“Our job here is to monitor the water pumps that are pumping out of people’s yards and out of the city streets,” Illinois Army National Guard 44th Transportation Unit Chemical Battalion Lieutenant Sarah Roth “Also, to act as a QRF which is quick reaction force, just in case there’s a break in the levee.”

Illinois Army National Guard 1644th Transportation Unit Specialist Albert Cook said the floodwaters are still a threatening concern to the community.

"It's extremely important to keep these pumps running," Cook said. "We have two right now that are in the storm drains. If those two were to stop, these roads could be flooded in just a few minutes. That's how much water those two pumps are taking out."

Cook said it's great to see the main highways back open, however, that doesn't mean they are back to normal yet.

“Even though the roads are open, it’s still a flood area,” Cook continued. “The last I was informed it was still a disaster state. It may look like everything is back to normal but underneath it is definitely not.”

Illinois Army National Guard 404 MEB Specialist Alyssa Artola said it's great to see the kids out playing and the community back in town to make progress towards a normal status again.

"We caught a few of them yesterday as they were out playing basketball and they asked if we wanted to join," Artola mentioned. "We go around and give out popsicles and make sure the older folks around here are drinking their water. It's good to see everybody outside now as before when it was really bad or everybody is inside and you didn't see anybody."

Soldiers say they are thankful for all the help from community members and volunteers to help save the lives and property from their community during the devastating flooding.

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