Route 3 between East Cape Girardeau, Gale, Ill. to remain closed this weekend

Part of Rte. 3 to stay closed this weekend

GALE, Ill. (KFVS) - While previously flooded portions Route 3 and Route 146 are set to reopen Friday, portions of road just south of the Cape 'Y' are still underwater.

Route 3 between East Cape Girardeau and Gale, Illinois was the first major road closure in Alexander County from this year’s historic flood, and it appears it’ll be the last to reopen.

Staff with the Illinois Department of Transportation have their eyes set on Monday, July 29 or Tuesday, July 30 as the reopening day, leaving people who are still blocked off on the other side feeling frustrated.

“I think it’s ridiculous because we’re still the first ones in the water now we’re going to be the last ones out of the water,” said Mary Renshaw of Gale, Ill.

Floodwaters have covered the only road leading to Renshaw’s home since February, because she lives just outside the river levee.

As of yesterday, Renshaw could finally drive out for the first time in five months. Up until then, she used a boat to get out.

“And it didn’t have to be scheduled thing," Renshaw said. "You know go to the grocery store or go to the doctor’s appointment or something. We actually got to go because we wanted to.”

But since Route 3 is still closed between Thebes and East Cape Girardeau Renshaw said her drive to Missouri still takes twice as long.

“Until Route 3 opens we’re still stuck," Renshaw said. "I mean we can drive to the end of the road here but we still have to take an alternate route to get to Cape. I’m glad the other people get that rerouting off of them but I kind wish it was us too.”

While it’s been a struggle physically and financially to outlast the flooding Renshaw is hopeful the end is near.

“It’s nice to see that the water is going down on the other side now because it opens everything back up to the regular routine," Renshaw said. "I’m telling you cabin fever struck a long time ago.”

Before the rest of Route 3 can open early next week, crews have to clear off mud using snow plows and power brooms to make sure it’s safe.

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