Trash, mail services return to flooded parts of Alexander Co. Ill.

Trash, mail services return to East Cape Girardeau, Ill.

ALEXANDER COUNTY, Ill. (KFVS) - Now that floodwaters are starting to recede, trash and mail services have returned to Alexander County, Illinois making the community one step closer to returning to normal life.

Most trash pick up and delivery companies have policies that do not allow staff to drive vehicles through flooded roads.

As of Monday, July 22, at least one road is dry leading into both East Cape Girardeau and McClure, Illinois.

With this route dry, trash and delivery services are resuming after being stopped for almost a month.

For many people outlasting the flood, the news felt like Christmas in July.

“All of a sudden we looked out the front window and she went driving by and I went 'Mom they mail lady is here so we all went running for the front door,” said Coralee Kissair.

Kissair is expecting a baby boy soon and just got to open a package full of gifts from her grandmother and uncle.

She’s been waiting for the package for weeks.

“It was really exciting and knowing that they knew it was a boy, I wanted to see what they had to give me," Kissair said. "And it was exactly what I wanted. It was adorable. It made me tear up a couple of times.”

The mail and packages were kept at a post office in Jonesboro, Ill., which Kissair said is a two-hour drive around the flooded roads.

“It is so far away and they’re dropping it off at your front door like that is so amazing," Kissair said. "Honestly I did not realize how much I missed it until it was gone.”

For Kissair’s mother, Cindy Laymon, having the mail return to town means being able to catch up on bills, finally get important documents and ordering medicine she can only get by delivery.

“It comes in a box with ice in it so it definitely has to hit there and be instantly delivered to me," Laymon said. "They give me a date that it will be here and I have to sign for it, so getting your mail. It’s unreal to have it finally delivered to my door.”

Curbside trash pick up is also returning to East Cape Girardeau.

This means, homeowners, like Laymon, can stop carrying their garbage to a large dumpster.

“Not having trash service is like the most awful thing ever because you’ve got to imagine having this heat out here and putting trash into a hatchback and driving it anywhere”

Now that parts of Route 146 are dry, Laymon and Kissair said it’s easier to get to work and to doctors appointments.

“Seeing the water go down. Us getting mail. All of our neighbors are coming back home. It feels like we are getting back to normal finally. It’s good it’s a long way from that but it’s a shine of hope honestly.”

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