Wait is over for folks in Cape Girardeau as Broadway floodgate opened

Wait is over for folks in Cape Girardeau as Broadway floodgate opened

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The wait is finally over in Cape Girardeau.

After more than four months, the Broadway floodgate is back open.

Debbie and Randy Barnhouse explained how great to see the mighty Mississippi river again.

“They said it was possible this would be open by the first of August so was this a surprise, you bet,” she said.

Barnhouse said they sold their house to live downtown and take advantage of the Cape Riverfront.

“It really cut into our activities because we walk every day,” she said.

Crews had to wait for the river to reach at least 36 feet before the gates could be opened again.

"We’re ready to get out of here with it. It’s been since march the middle of march since we’ve had to deal with this, " Jack Nanney said.

Scott Ogle and his family, visiting from California, were the first to check out the view.

“I always like to come down to the downtown and come see the river. My son had said, ‘hey, dad you’re going to take me to Mississippi,’” he said.

Ogle said they visit here every summer and he loves for his kids to see the river, but he worried they wouldn’t get the chance.

“Seeing them open is pretty exciting,” Ogle said.

Barnhouse said now they can enjoy the view on both sides of the river wall.

“It’s wonderful they started back about two or three weeks ago and our trains were gone; and yes, we missed our trains,” she said.

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