Summer vandalism heats up

Summer vandalism heats up

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - When the temperature increases, so does property damage, according to police.

“It’s definitely not anything that we deal with on a regular basis,” said Sergeant Joey Hann with the City of Cape Girardeau Police Department.

He’s talking about the night of July 1st, 2019 into July 2nd, when homeowners found damage all over their homes and vehicles. Sergeant Hann knows of five reported incidents that happened on those days.

“This seems to be one isolated night when people went out and committed multiple acts of property damage in the city,” he said.

There’s a new clue from a local church surveillance camera police released on July 22nd. Sergeant Hann said they believe whoever owns this truck may be connected to the crimes.

“There were several factors that led us to believe it was the same suspects involved in all incidents, such as the type of graffiti and method that they used,” he said.

But, this isn’t the only rash of summer vandalism plaguing Cape Girardeau County.

“I was irate,” said Michelle Hohler.

Over the weekend of 20th, someone egged her daughter’s car, slashed the tires and covered it in silly string.

“Matter of fact I told them take pictures, take video, put it on Snapchat, put it on Instagram. I want to know who did this," she said.

City of Jackson and Cape Girardeau County authorities received a total of four reports of similar damage and question if they’re all related.

“They obviously have no respect for an individual’s property. I guess they think they are hurting the teenager by doing this, but it’s really the parents that are probably gonna have to fork up the money to get the repairs done,” she said.

“In the summer, that’s just a time of the year more people are gonna be more apt to be out and driving around late at night.”

Police do not believe the damage done in Cape Girardeau County is connected to the spray paint vandalism cases in the City of Cape Girardeau.

If you know anything about the incidents, contact the Cape Girardeau or Jackson Police Departments or the Cape County Sheriff’s Department.

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