Sightseers not welcome in East Cape Girardeau

Sightseers not welcome in East Cape Girardeau

EAST CAPE GIRARDEAU, Ill. (KFVS) - Flooding has taken a toll on communities in northern Alexander County; and one community doesn’t need traffic from sightseers to cause more anguish for them.

East Cape Girardeau Village Trustee Jason Tubbs said the portion of Highway 146 between the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge in Cape Girardeau and East Cape Girardeau is open for residents only.

"Past East Cape nothing is open yet, not 146, not Route 3 going north or south," Tubbs explained.

Even though the bridge and roads into East Cape Girardeau are closed to the public, that hasn't stopped people from coming over just to look at flooding that the village is still dealing with.

“Yesterday we experienced a lot of sightseers. Within a 30-minute period there were three cars that had to be removed out of potholes, sinkholes and a car almost ran through a sandbag wall. The National Guard and our local authorities had to handle that. So that’s becoming a problem,” Tubbs said.

Tubbs said with Monday's rain, they are dealing with rain collecting inside of the sandbag walls which they are having to pump out. He said it's not safe for anyone to be there that doesn't need to be there.

"It's a very hazardous situation for anyone that doesn't know what is there, what the potential could happen," Tubbs said. "Again, there's a lot of water on the side of the roads that people don't know. They think it's shallow, and then before you know it, you're nose deep in water.

Tubbs said the levee road is also closed to the public as well. He urged the public to be patient and wait for the roads to reopen before traveling through the area.

“All of us wants the road open, the sooner the better,” Tubbs added. “We also want everybody to be safe.”

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