McClure starting to see relief from flooding

Ongoing cleanup in McClure, Ill

MCCLURE, IL (KFVS) - Despite some morning showers on Monday, the town of McClure is beginning to show signs of actual flood relief.

In many areas of town, water has started to recede. Willa’s Getaway off Route 3 is nearly cleared of water and no pumps are running. Where people can see their driveways for the first time in weeks, residents are pushing away layers of sludge left over from floodwaters.

Mayor Cheryle Dillon said the town is normally a tight-knit community. However, she acknowledged that nothing brings people together quite like a natural disaster.

“The people who have the least have helped the most,” she said, “everyone seems to forget about themselves and worries about the other person. We’ve had people who have to wade water to get to their house, but they’re willing to go to their pantry and give people things who can’t get to the store."

Dillon said most of the town is better, however, there is still a section of the town where people still can’t leave their homes without a boat. For them, she said volunteers continue to help and bring them the things they need to wait out the flood.

She knows that McClure still has a little ways to go before they are done fighting the floodwaters. While the people watch the water recede, she said they are beginning to actually believe in a drier future.

“They have gotten to the point of hope,” she said, “for a while, people were worried they were going to lose everything. Then they got to the point that they thought, ‘if I do, I do.’ And now it’s at the point that they have hope that things will get better."

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