City of Oran, Mo. celebrates 150 years

Oran 150th celebration held

ORAN, Mo. (KFVS) - The Oran Sesquicentennial Celebration was held this weekend at the Tilles Memorial City Park in Oran, Missouri.

The festival included food, drinks, games, music, pony rides and more.

People there also took advantage of a historical tour which took them around town to showcase and talk about the various buildings they've had over the many years there.

President of the Oran Sesquicentennial Committee Gary Blocker said it's great to see the community come together and celebrate the city.

He said there is a lot of history in this town for the last 150 years and is proud of their heritage here.

"It's pretty significant for us," Blocker said. "There's a lot of history for us here in this little town. We're proud of it. In 1869, the city adopted the name Oran. Before that it was St. Cloud and Slyvania."

The event is sponsored by the Oran Sesquicentennial Committee of the Optimist Club of Oran.

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