How did people beat the beat back in the day?

Beating the heat back in the day

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The heat isn’t new for some people, and you might remember the days without air conditioners.

Senior citizens spent time indoors at the Cape Girardeau Senior Center to get away from the hot temperatures and discussed when that wasn’t an option.

“We lived in the country and we didn’t have electric at all for a long time,” said Evelyn Zimmerman.

“Now it’s too hot. It’s too hot,” said Mary Spurlock

They said it wasn’t as bad when they were kids.

“Really didn’t think much of it. I mean I don’t think people complained about it anymore than they do right now,” said Roger Wagner.

“I was a tomboy, so I liked the heat anyway,” said Spurlock.

But, how’d they really deal with the heat?

“We always slept on the floor with nothing under us,” said Kenneth Haas,

“And then at night sometimes, we’d just sleep on the porch, and it was pretty hot," said Zimmerman.

“I remember when dad installed an attic fan. You could crack your window and have a little breeze going across you. That felt fantastic,” said Wagner.

“Mr. Mason would come around with a buggy, with the ice in Oran. It’d have a square in the window with how many pounds of ice you wanted for your icebox, and he would chip it off to that size. We would stand around, and he would get the little chips and pass them out to the children there,” said Finley Maddox.

“A lot of times we’d try to get on the floor by the icebox,” said Haas.

Now, the times have changed.

“Kids nowadays don’t know what they’re missing," said Haas.

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