Don’t leave your phones, gadgets in the summer heat

How to protect your gadgets in the summer heat

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Do you ever lay your phone down outside or in your car without thinking about the heat? Many of us can’t stand the heat and neither can our phones.

“They can warp, they can burst, they can be damaged to the point where they won’t except a charge," said David Wilde, who works for systems and network services at Southeast Missouri State University.

He said iPhones can only sustain certain temperatures.

“The iPhone 10 top operating temperature is 113 and a hot car in the sun can reach up to 116 degrees so its outside of operational limits,” he said.

Wilde said that can cause major damage. Which is why cellphones display a warning message when it starts to overheat.

“It turns itself off to minimize that self-generating heat, so it only has to compete with the natural heat,” Wilde said.

But, not everyone thinks to protect our devices when temperatures heat up. Ryan Lane admits his phone has taken a beaten from the heat.

“I work outside with the track and field team, and all the time I set my phone outside in the sun,” he said.

“My battery life is unfortunately barely there," said Lane.

Wilde said if you plan on leaving your phone in the car you can use a light-colored towel, or you can crack a window to keep your phone from getting to overheated.

Erin Fluegge used a trick to protect her phone. “I throw it underneath my seat,” she said.

Don’t forget carrying your phone from the ac into the extreme heat can also cause problems.

“It condenses moisture into the circuitry,” Wilde said.

Wilde also urged to let the device warm or cool down naturally.

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