National Guard is beating the heat with the help of East Cape Girardeau residents

Ntl. Guard battles heat now along with flooding in Illinois

EAST CAPE, IL. (KFVS) - National guard members in East Cape are battling both the heat and flooding right now.

Sergeant Nicholas Hyatte with the Illinois National Guard said they are doing everything they can to beat the heat while helping in East Cape.

“We’re on work cycles so that means that we’re on thirty minutes of work thirty minutes of rest," Hyatte said,

They always stay geared up with water. “The overall plan is to get the city to look as normal as possible but with that heat we’ve got coolers set up at each workstation.”

Now, it’s the folks living in East Cape giving back to the guard members. “The residents are actually helping us more than we can help them they are going out and across the water to bring back supplies and water and ice,” he said.

Betty Dunn said she’s thankful for their service. “Extremely appreciative because if it wasn’t for them and a couple of people that run our town or town would have been wiped off the map,” she said.

This is how Dunn shows her appreciation. “I’ve gave them bottle flavored water and I’ve told them they can sit on my car port in the shade,” she said.

Hyatte said, “It’s very welcoming this is the first location that has done that.” Their main goal today is to clean up the leaking sand bags and clean up the streets.

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