Jefferson Elem. becoming STREAM school through new Project Based Learning program

Jefferson Elem. becoming STREAM school

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Teachers at Jefferson Elementary School in Cape Girardeau, Missouri took part in a three day Project Based Learning program to enhance student education for the upcoming school year.

Students will be able to engage in real world applications through authentic projects that will allow them to learn real life skills.

“There are a lot of different components, but through them we focus, not only on our content standards, but also what kind of people that we want to be and the kind of people that we want our students to be as they progress through our school and through the education process,” STREAM Specialist Kelley Branch said.

Over the course of the three-day training, teachers came up with 10 projects to build which will be implemented in the first semester at Jefferson Elementary.

An example of one of the projects is a hydroponic garden where they learn how to grow food, figure out where the food comes from and cultivate it themselves.

“With that, they’re also going to learn the parts of a plant, learn the needs for growing, the metric system and measurements of liquids and lengths,” Branch added. “Also, how do we collaborate, communicate, how do we respond to things when they’re going great and how to make adjustments when things are not going so well. This embodies this whole idea that we really are more than just tackling specific learning goals and learning standards. We are tackling world problems and really making our learning meaningful.”

Branch said this new PBL program allows them to officially launch as a STREAM school this year.

STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Branch said students will be able to learn through those six areas in each of their projects.

“The research behind Project Based Learning is incredible,” Branch said. “It just really makes learning meaningful and also provides a lot of opportunities for students to build schema, which is our background knowledge, and our opportunity to connect our learning to things that are happening all around us.”

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