Union and Jackson County, Ill. feel impact of flooding despite not being under water

Rte. 3 business hurt by flooding

UNION COUNTY, Ill. (KFVS) - On Monday’s First Alert Action Day, communities across the Heartland are feeling the impact of flooding beyond Alexander County.

In Union County, the floodwaters are having a reaching effect on a business near Route 3.

Tara Morgan is the manager at Lotus Naturescape, a landscaping material business near Ware, Ill.

“I mean, I have not had one single customer today, I’ve had a few phone calls but that’s been it," Morgan said. “Oh it’s dead. It is a huge difference in traffic here. Huge.”

Both businesses at the 146 and Route 3 intersection are above water, but the closure is impacting the amount of customers visiting their businesses, and even the orders going out.

“We’ve got deliveries that we need to make but we can’t get to people because they’re flooded or the road is flooded between us and them.”

It’s about a 95-mile detour to get from Cape Girardeau to Lotus.

Grand Tower Fire Chief Dennis Wright said the detouring is starting to hit drivers in their pockets.

“My fireman’s wife goes to Wolf Lake and picks her mother up to go to dialysis in Cape, three days a week, and that’s a long trip to go all the way around you know that puts a lot of miles on your vehicle," he said.

Morgan worries the cost of the extra miles could be passed Lotus’s customers.

“I can’t get loads in because I don’t want to have to pay extra and then I have to turn around and charge extra for my product for these truckers to drive around when they can’t get to me,” she said.

Flooded or not, Wright has one hope.

“We hope the river goes down and stays down for a while and we can get our town back the way it was before all this happened,” he said.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the detour signs around town. Many 18-wheelers are having to turnaround at Route 3.

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