McClure getting soaked by Tropical Depression Barry aftermath

McClure residents prepare for longer flood fight after Barry brings more rain

MCCLURE, Ill. (KFVS) - More rain is not what people in McClure need right now. However, tropical depression Barry delivered quite a bit on Monday.

Despite forecasts that showed Barry bringing 10-12 inches of rain to the Heartland before the weekend, there was not a busy flood fight in town on Monday, July 15.

Right now, it seems the focus of volunteers is to get people ready for longer flooding in the area.

James Myers is the volunteer coordinator in McClure, who has been working non-stop for weeks helping his neighbors.

“Everyone is trying to go back to normal, but for us, it’s too early in the game to go back to normal,” Myers said.

Myers has been making a lot of supply deliveries to people in McClure and East Cape Girardeau who have a harder time getting around. He’s been bringing plenty of food and bottled water, but he’s also been handling some more precious cargo that’s come through the mail.

“I’ve delivered heart medicine, nerve medicines, blood pressure medicines,” he said about his neighbors in East Cape Girardeau. “Our mail is getting held up in Jonesboro, it’s not accessible for them.”

Myers said the main route he’s been taking to get things over to East Cape Girardeau is over the levee road that connects the two towns.

Levee District committee member Charles Webb said the levee was supposed to be open for local traffic only, but with long detours being the only way to Cape Girardeau recently, he learned many people are abusing the road.

In combination with heavy rainfall and traffic, Webb said the Levee District would close the road entirely, to ensure no breaches can happen.

Early Tuesday, July 16, McClure Mayor Cheryle Dillon said the levee was closed to all traffic.

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