Flooding causes major damage in Miller City, Ill.

Extensive flood damage in Miller City, Ill.

MILLER CITY, Ill. (KFVS) - The Mississippi River has receded enough to give us a glimpse of some of the damage caused by flooding in the Miller City area.

In some places, the flooding completely took out sections of the road, leaving deep trenches.

Roads were also littered with chunks of asphalt and hundreds of trees left behind when the waters receded.

Alexander County Highway Engineer Jeff Denny and his crew are calculating the amount of damage caused to the area by this flood.

He said there will easily be more than a million dollars’ worth of damage but they are not finished assessing the damage yet.

Highway crews were already out placing rock in areas of the roads that had eroded away on Monday.

Several families live in the flood-affected areas around Miller City.

Sherry Pecord is one of those residents. She said the damage is very bad.

"I'm really apprehensive to see what is under the water still yet to come, where the current goes over the most," Pecord said. "If the rest of the road looks like it does, then I am really worried to see what it looks like now and what's not there."

On Sunday, she went out and visited her home and neighbors to check and make sure everything was alright.

"I waded through water waist deep and through the current," Pecord stated. "When you want to go home, you want to go home."

When the floodwaters were high, she was able to get to her house by boat. Now that the water has lowered and left damaged roads, her transportation to and from her home is extremely difficult.

“We're at that point now where there's not enough water to boat, too much water to drive and the roads are messed up also," Pecord explained. "It's a very precarious little situation to get there now."

The Miller City area floods due to the break in the Lens Small Levee from back in 2016. The Mississippi River flows freely into Alexander County anytime minor flooding occurs.

Unfortunately, this recent flood has made matters worse by widening and eroding the southern part of the broken levee.

“I know that all the rift raft at the end of it washed off weeks ago,” Pecord recalled. “As that current comes through there, it’s just eating it off. It started being a three-fourths-mile break originally and I would say it’s a mile or better now.”

Pecord said she is very worried for her father-in-law as he lives near the eroding southern portion of the levee break.

He has a levee built around his home but she said that wouldn't be enough if the levee break widens to around his home.

Pecord also praised the Alexander County Highway Department in repairing roads quickly after past flood events, including this current flood as well as it recedes.

“They are phenomenal down here,” Pecord said. “All of the Alexander County road crew, as soon as the water was off the road here to the restaurant, they were out here cleaning it off and getting it ready so people can get down here.”

However, with the broken levee across the street, she feared if there are too many more floods without it being fixed, the county will eventually run out of money to fix the roads after future flooding events occur.

"As far as their efforts, I know they will be down here and take care of us," Pecord added. "But I do worry that we keep doing this over and over and over again, I worry that they are going to run out of money and not be able to do it. I don't know what will happen then."

As for now, Pecord said she has to wait until the rest of the water has receded and the roads are fixed to be able to get back to her home.

“I’m thinking by the end of August...maybe,” Pecord said.

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