East Cape Girardeau prepared for incoming remnants of tropical storm

National Guard prepares for more rain in East Cape

EAST CAPE GIRARDEAU, Ill. (KFVS) - Soldiers with the Illinois Air National Guard and Illinois Army National Guard are preparing for the remnants of Tropical Storm Barry bringing several inches of rain into a flooded community.

East Cape Girardeau, Illinois is still dealing with major flooding that has surrounded and invaded many homes and businesses in the community.

Now with the threat of Tropical Storm Barry bearing down on the area in the next couple days, soldiers are making sure they are prepared and that the sandbag walls can handle more water.

“We’ve been noted to take the wall about 18 inches above the water,” Illinois Air National Guard Staff Sergeant Stacy Atwell said. “That way, in case it were to rise or any of the waves come in, that we can have it secure and ready for anything to hit us or for any breaches or things like that.”

Additionally, soldiers were making sure to reinforce the walls on both sides as well to ensure no breaches will form.

Soldiers we talked with stressed it was very important to keep these walls updated and protect the people in the community.

“Obviously when you’re talking about a hurricane, you don’t know what to expect,” Illinois Army National Guard Captain Nathaniel Love said. “Based on projections, we don’t think it will be too bad but we’ve staffed up our QRF on our 24-hour cycle so we have additional people here all night for the next couple of days.”

East Cape Girardeau officials said they have seen a reduction of nearly two inches of floodwater since Wednesday. They hope the incoming storm won’t hit them very hard.

“It has been going down,” Love said. “Based on IEMA and other knowledgeable experts have told me, they don’t think that even the rain we’re projected to get will take us back past where we were at a few days ago.”

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