Floodwater taking a toll on trees

Rain taking a toll on trees

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The rain is starting to take a toll on the trees sitting in floodwater for months.

Jennifer Behnken with the Missouri Department of Conservation said you need to monitor them closely.

“It’s important to note that flooding does have an impact on trees,” Behnken said.

Trees are often forgotten about until it’s too late.

“With the storm systems that have moved through, the saturated soils have led to some soil instabilities and erosion problems,” she said.

Behnken said all the water is the reason why many trees are dying this year.

“The flood that started in the late winter, early spring season and that’s right at the beginning of the growing season and that’s more hurtful for the trees when they haven’t even put on any leaf growth,” she said.

Corwynn Mann with Advanced Tree said it’s important you don’t forget about them.

“If you see any dead tips or no leaves growing it’s a good indicator that the whole tree is going to go,” Mann said.

He also mentioned to keep an eye out for bugs that can set up shop in your trees.

“Dead woods help infestations happen,” he said.

Mann said trees should be pruned every three top four years depending on the type of tree.

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