Working in the Summer heat

Working in the summer heat

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - On days like this if you're a roofer or work in a warehouse staying cool is just not an option.

That’s why workers at the Courtesy cleaner warehouse in Chaffee wake up early to beat the sun.

When it gets hot like this, it affects his employees that’s what Chris Marchi who owns Courtesy Cleaners said.

“They want to get to work before the sun comes up,” Marchi said.

He also said, “When the air is not circulating and its humid their production goes down big time because everybody’s just miserable.”

Marchi said some of his employees have worked in the warehouse for about 25 years and they have gotten used to the heat.

“You sweat enough you cool yourself down,” he said.

Working inside a cleaner is different from working on top of a roof, and Kevin Wilkinson with Riverside roofing said when its really hot outside taking frequent breaks is key.

“When it gets this hot its kind of miserable,” Wilkinson said.

That’s why Wilkinson said they check on each other while working. According to the CDC, more than 600 people die from extreme heat every year.

Wilkinson said, “You have to pay attention to your other employees working around you when you see them wobble you want to make sure you get them to drink.”

He also said the heat even changes your mood.

“I got my co-workers here they’re a little grouchy, I’m a little a grouchy and we been drinking water to stay cool and hydrated,” Wilkinson said.

If you work outside the CDC says you are more prone to heat exhaustion.

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