Keeping morale high while fighting floodwaters in the Heartland

Keeping morale high while fighting floodwaters in the Heartland

EAST CAPE GIRARDEAU, Ill. – To say the people of East Cape are tired of flooding would be an understatement.

Leaders in town say the people are exhausted and restless after months of flooding, but they’re also full of resilience.

Village Trustee, Jason Tubbs, spoke to Heartland News reporters on behalf of the people of East Cape on their situation.

He says, right now some residents in East Cape are flat out trapped in their homes, and getting them supplies to take care of themselves has been a priority. With the Route 146 to Cape Girardeau still covered in floodwaters, many people in town with low profile vehicles are being forced to park on the side of the road and either walk through flood waters or get shuttled in by people with vehicles that can handle the water. All of this is being done in extremely hot weather.

“Our people are definitely fatigued. They’re definitely restless, but we’re a resilient people,” Tubbs said, “but everybody’s optimistic that we’re going to overcome this. We’re still fighting, but when it’s all over we’re going to recover and rebuild.”

Tubbs also said today the town got their 5th installment of military help today as the National Guard moved out on July 10th, and Task Force 5 moved in the same day.

Right now, the people of East Cape are happy to see the river levels going down, but with sandbag walls breaching here and there, and still a lot of rain coming down almost daily, Tubbs is guessing they’ll be dealing with flooding at least another month.

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