Addressing mold from flooding early will save you in the long run

Importance of addressing mold early

(KFVS) - Mold is something many homeowners affected by floodwaters need to be worried about.

Experts say mold grows in wet, hot locations. Flooded homes are a prime environment for it to develop.

It is best to take care of it early because people can get sick, especially children, the elderly and anyone with an immune system problem.

Richard Hastings, Vice President of Serv-Pro, said you should be mindful when removing mold.

“What they need to remember is, once they have taken it out, they’re stirring up the mold spores as they are taking this stuff out,” Hastings said. “So there is still going to be mold in their house and they need to have it cleaned after everything is torn out. Otherwise, those mold spores are still there. And, if it gets wet again, it will start to grow again.”

You should always wear protective gear like a mask and gloves, or a suit if you have one.

Hastings says bleach can help clean areas covered by mold, but doesn’t stop it from growing back and if there is too much to handle, call a professional.

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