Naked man arrested on burglary charges in McCracken County, Ky.

Naked man covered in blood arrested

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. (KFVS) - A naked man was arrested on burglary charges after breaking into one home and attempting to break into another in McCracken County, Kentucky.

According to the McCracken County Sheriff’s Office, deputies received a call around 1:20 a.m. on Saturday, July 6. The caller said a naked man, covered in blood, was attempting to enter the home.

When deputies arrived the suspect was gone.

While watching the surveillance video, deputies originally said the man was armed with a large kitchen knife, they have now released information that he was armed with a meat cleaver.

They also learned that another home was burglarized.

At the second home, they found an open door and a large amount of blood in and around the entryway.

The homeowners of the second home were not there at the time of the break-in.

Deputies viewed footage of the second home and determined it was the same suspect.

Through the investigation, deputies identified the man as Gabriel McGill, 20, of Paducah, Ky.

Deputies found several blood-covered rags at McGill’s home and he was seeking medical treatment at a local hospital for a cut to his left foot he received in the break-in.

McGill was arrested at 5:11 a.m. at the hospital after he was medically cleared and released by the hospital staff.

McGill is out on bond from a McCracken County Circuit Court case. In the other case, McGill was caught with a stolen handgun and other items and he is awaiting sentencing in that case.

Charges for McGill include two counts of First-Degree Burglary and one count of Criminal Attempt First-Degree Burglary.

On July 11, Sheriff’s Department officials said McGill will face additional charges of burglary first-degree and criminal attempt.

Officials said Corporal Jim Wilson responded to a residence in the area on the same day of McGill’s arrest. The residents found blood on their vehicle and apparent signs that someone attempted to break into their home.

Officials said the residents also found missing from their vehicle had been found by detectives at another residence in the early morning hours of July 6.

He was arrested at the McCracken County Jail without incident where he remains lodged from the original incident.

Paducah Police, KSP, Lone Oak Fire Department and drone support from the Ledbetter Fire department assisted in this case.

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