Dunklin Co. hit hard by Thursday morning storm

Updated: Jun. 27, 2019 at 8:24 PM CDT
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DUNKLIN COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) - Thursday’s storms left more than an early wake up call for people in Dunklin County, Missouri.

A lightning strike actually hit the Malden Police Department, shutting down phones lines for several hours.

Police Chief Jarrett Bullock says he counted four lightning strikes within an hour and half.

"And people called and I apologize to those people that they didn't get anything. I really feel bad and I hope they're understanding and know there is nothing we could have done to make it work," said Bullock.

Chief Bullock said they are working on more plans now to make sure the phone lines don't go down again.

"Because the police department is the overall comm system for the whole city so we monitor the fire department, the police department the utility crews,” said Bullock.

But the lightning damage isn't the only thing they are dealing with, according to our First Alert Weather Team more than 6 inches of rain fell in Malden, with most of it happening in just a few hours.

“Two lift stations have gone down which help pump the water back out of here so with those down the water is not getting pumped out as fast,” said Mayor Denton Kooyman.

At one time, people had to drive through several inches of water to get to the local grocery store.

Thursday’s storms left more than an early wake up call for people in Malden.   
A lightning...
Thursday’s storms left more than an early wake up call for people in Malden. A lightning strike actually shut down phones lines at the police department for several hours. (source: Kelsey Anderson, KFVS)

"Mother nature has been hard on us this year and we are doing our best to help the citizens out and help the community out and do what we can. Be patient with us. We are trying our best,” said Kooyman.

So far the city is estimating more than $100,000 in damage just at the police station.

A lightning strike is also the probable cause of two structure fires in Campbell, Mo.

The Campbell Volunteer Fire Department was first called out to a shed.

The building was ruled a total loss.

The Malden Fire Department and the Bernie Fire Department helped put out the fire at the shed.

Lightning then sparked a fire at a house.

Firefighters were able to gain access to the home through the floor and extinguish the fire before it caused much damage.

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