WATCH: Boaters scramble as EF1 tornado hits Ky. Marina Boat Dock

WATCH: Boaters scramble as EF1 tornado hits Kentucky Lake marina

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. (KFVS) - New video shows what happened right before an EF1 hit a boat dock at the Moors Marina on Kentucky Lake on Sunday, June 23.

Surveillance video at the gas tanks shows boaters trying to get off of a boat and boat on the lake as the storm hits.

Debris can be seen flying through the air and the metal of a boat dock twisting into a heap.

According to the National Weather Service, the storm produced 100 mile per hour winds and damaged a 50-yard section of the marina. Multiple local agencies responded to the scene on Sunday.

Crews worked on the the mangled dock throughout the day on Monday.

One guest said he and his family of 35 were meeting at the resort when the storm hit. Tim Wassell, of Illinois, shared his granddaughter’s reaction to the tornado.

“And she says, ‘did I just see that?’ And as the boat dock, the outer portion had just lift up in the air, and as it lifted up in the air, it just kind of spread out like fingers and drop back down and kind of folded over itself," Wassell said.

The owners Kathy and Mark Wood said the tornado did not touch the cottages or anywhere else on the Marina but the dock. Unlike the 2005 EF3 tornado that ruined the Marina, they said.

Despite the damage, the owners said there’s a silver lining.

“You know, I have to feel good about it," Wood said. “There are items. And I hate it that people lost their boats. And that’s hard to deal with. But everyone is alive and all of this can get replaced.”

”By the grace of God, we were blessed that no one got hurt on that one. So it’s a big deal," Wassell said.

No one was hurt, but 30 to 40 boats were damaged. Despite that, the Marina is still open. Tuesday, June 25 crews will bring in cranes to lift the rubble.

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