Scott City church holds service despite devastating fire

Updated: Jun. 23, 2019 at 6:01 PM CDT
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SCOTT CITY, Mo. (KFVS) - On Friday, the Cornerstone Wesleyan Church in Scott City burned down due to a possible lighting strike in a storm that brought destruction with it across the Heartland.

Church members came together to hold a service less than 48 hours of when their church burned down in Scott City. Hear more on this story tonight on Heartland News.

Posted by Mike Mohundro KFVS on Sunday, June 23, 2019

On Sunday, the church lies in ruins, however, that didn’t stop the church community from coming together to hold a service.

Cornerstone Wesleyan Church Pastor Tommy Miller said the storm shelter was offered by personnel at the Scott City High School to allow them to hold temporary services on Sunday in the wake of the fire.

Miller said it’s great to see so many people come together to keep services going and to support ongoing efforts to rebuild the church.

“There was a lot of our church family here today," Miller said. "There were friends and family that were here that traveled to be with us; to say 'hey, we believe in the vision and we are here to support you and the church'."

Nearly a hundred church members came together where the youth group sang and performed before the members.

Grace Glasser is part of the church's youth group. She sang a song in front of everyone to share her love and her support. She said she is thankful for everyone that came together on Sunday.

"It means a lot to have the support of everybody, especially since our church is gone," Glasser stated. "Our church family is still here so that's the good thing about it."

On Friday, Miller received a call stating the church was on fire. He rushed over to the church and hoped it didn’t spread too much.

"It was around my office and it was blazing," Miller described. "But there was hope! They can get it. By the time they got their water lines hooked up and everything, the wind just took off. That wind just took that fire and it was a blaze throughout the whole church. It seemed like just minutes and it started collapsing."

Miller then lost hope.

"I'll be honest with you. There was no hope at that moment," he said. "To see God's house come down, brick by brick, wall by wall; the steeple of the church, when it had to come down, I can't even describe to you the hurt and the pain."

It was at that time, the community came together, despite the loss of the building.

"There were so many family and friends that reminded me of God's word and how faithful God is," Miller said. "They reminded me, 'Pastor, don't forget that this is a building. People are the church.' And I'm telling you that this church, we are mighty."

Miller added the cross in the church was destroyed as well. He said he was thankful for someone building a new one for the Sunday service.

"That means the world to me," Miller said. "That somebody built a cross so we can have a cross here in this service this morning. Again, it just demonstrates the love of God. I'm just so overwhelmed by everyone's support and love."

Miller stated the are already looking into rebuilding their church.

"We are going to rebuild! Miller stated. “Not an if, not a maybe, we will rebuild.”

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