Day 111 of Cape Girardeau, Mo. at or above flood stage

Day 111 of Cape Girardeau, Mo. at or above flood stage
According to the Cape Girardeau Public Works, Monday, July 1 marked the 111th day of being at or above flood stage.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Flooding continues as Monday, July 1 marked day 111 of Cape Girardeau at or above flood stage.

Cape Girardeau Public Works employees haven’t caught a break from manning the pumping stations.

Public Works Director Stan Polivick said Monday was day 50 of the Mississippi River being at 42 feet or higher. He said the daily inspections of the pumps will stop once the river drops below 42 feet.

“Thankfully, we haven’t found anything that was noteworthy and we’re glad of that, but we still have to do that even though it’s a little bit over 42 feet now. We are still obligated to do that until it gets below 42 feet," he said.

He said the river is expected to drop below flood stage on July 16.

The previous record was 93 days.

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According to Public Works, both pump stations are open and all gates are closed. This is the longest crews have had to man the pump stations since the City took over the levee and floodwall system in 2008.

They continue to make daily inspections of the floodwall and levee.

Stan Polivick, public works director, said they have noted there are not irregularities or problems.

“Our guys have met the challenge for the last 100 days, and will continue to grind out the work, albeit somewhat fatigued,” he said.

Additionally, Polivick said the volume of water that has passed through Cape Girardeau is “mind-boggling.”

On Thursday, June 20, he said the water was moving through at a rate of 800,000 cubic feet per second.

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He called it an “uncanny circumstance," and said Cape Girardeau is fortunate to have such a well-designed floodwall and the diversion channel.

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