Neighbors build structure to protect electric box from water

Neighbors build structure to protect electric box from water

MCCLURE, Il. (KFVS) - Another community in East Cape is at risk of losing electricity due to flooding, but residents aren’t going down without a fight.

“Everybody’s pitching in. I mean nobody’s sitting this one out,” said Delina Dudley.

She said it’s a 24/7 job to monitor the pumps protecting the homes off 146 in East Cape Girardeau.

“All the neighbors are supplying the gas or money for gas or drinks. Some of our neighbors have cooked us supper just to keep us out here,” she said.

It’s all to keep the streets and homes from flooding, but most importantly to keep the electricity on.

“We have a lot of elderly residents over here that need their electricity,” said Dudley.

So they’re building a structure to protect the electric box and keep water out.

“It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of time. A lot of us home jobs to go to,” she said.

They’re also using their own pumps as well as sandbagging so homes and basements don’t flood more than they already have.

“And it’s a matter of E.coli in the water. It’s a matter of just nasty smells and mosquitoes and everything,” said Dudley.

But that won’t keep Dudley and her neighbors from doing everything they can.

“We love our community over here and we would do anything to take care of it the best we can,” she said.

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