East Cape Girardeau, McClure Ill., leaders meet on flooding

East Cape, McClure leaders meet on flooding plans

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The power is now off at a flooded mobile home park in East Cape Girardeau, Illinois.

And, McClure and East Cape city leaders want to get the word out as of Thursday, June 13 if there is an emergency evacuation due to levee breaches or severe flooding that no tornado siren will sound right now.

Instead police and fire will drive through the area with an announcement and sirens.

They want to stress there is no serious threat to the levees right now.

They’re working out detailed plans with first responders on what to do if an evacuation occurs, and trying to be proactive not just for this year, but also for the future.

Of course, if there is a tornado, you will hear the siren.

Officials say floodwaters made for a potentially deadly situation, which forced dozens of people from their home.

It only took a few minutes for crews with the Southern Illinois Electric Cooperative to switch off the power Wednesday afternoon, and the move could end up saving lives.

General manager David Johnston said the decision was made after a lineman went in with waders and reported that flood waters are dangerously close to covering live power connections under the mobile homes.

Johnston said the electric co-op was not involved in the decision to evacuate flooded neighborhood, but said they’re disconnecting power because water and electricity do not mix.

“We want to ensure that our members and just the general public in that area are safe. We don’t want someone injured by something we could’ve prevented,” Johnston said. “what also into that is the protection of our infrastructure as well as the members property. To prevent it from being damaged.”

Todd Thurston, the supervisor of operations and maintenance for the electric co-op said being electrocuted in a body of water can cause some serious damage to your body.

“It could possibly kill them for one,” Thurston said. “Also electrical burns are very severe and it burns inside. There have been times that the burn is so sever that they have to possibly remove a body part.”

If you see water around power lines or other electric equipment near your home, call your power company so they can come out an asses the issue.

Johnston said if you are forced to evacuate your home he recommends turning off the main switch in your breaker box before you leave.

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