10 large pumps on the Big Muddy levee

Monitoring the pumps draining the Big Muddy Levee

JACKSON COUNTY, Illinois (KFVS) - In an effort to stabilize pressure on the Big Muddy levee in Jackson County, massive pumps have been temporarily placed there to put flood water back into the Mississippi River.

Right now, there are 10 pumps on the levee. Workers on site tell Heartland News reporters they each have 12″ tubing as opposed to the more common 8″ ones used in smaller situations.

These giant pumps are capable of taking between 4,200 and 4,800 gallons of water from the floodplain toward the Grand Tower area and put it right back into the Big Muddy River.

Workers on site said the pumps have been running around the clock for about a week. They also said they have no idea when they’ll be able to turn them off. They’re hoping that the rain holds off, so that the floodplain doesn’t simply fill back up.

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