Ways to save money with those high Summer electric bills

Staying cool with high Summer temps and high Summer bills

Ways to save money with those high Summer electric bills

ILLINOIS (KFVS) - As we head into some of the hottest months of the year, it is important to stay cool and comfortable, but that comes with a price.

People across the Heartland often to see a spike in their Summer electric bills.

According to Ameren SEMO Division Director Russell Burger, Air Condition units make up about half of the monthly bills.

"As the heat grows, your usage grows, and your bill grows,” said Burger.

However, Burger says there are ways to cut back on those high electric bills.

“Energy efficiencies is the way to do that," said Burger. "The less energy people use, the better off it is for all customers, keeping prices stable and predictable.”

Energy efficiencies include things like LED light bulbs or smart thermostats that can replace old antiquated A/C units.

Jacobs Heating and Air Conditioning services customers throughout Southern Illinois. Their VP of Operations, Eli Jacobs, said, “Most of the things to do to make sure you stay comfortable is just to make sure your equipment is cleaned, that your filter is cleaned, and that your equipment is maintained.”

Eli Jacobs spends his time servicing heating and cooling units.

He said one key to saving money is to be mindful of what your thermostat is on. “Not set your thermostat back to far when you go to work and keep it more at a moderate temperature when it’s really hot,” Jacobs said.

According to Jacobs, moderate around 72-75 degrees to “condition” the home and not be running constantly.

Energy Savings Tips from Ameren:

-Turn off lights when you leave the room

-Stay comfortable by Turn your ceiling fan counter-clockwise in the Summer

-Keep those curtain and blinds closed

- Use appliances that generate heat in the early morning or evening when it’s cooler

Burger said you have the ability to control those high summer bills right at your fingertips. “It’s easy as flipping a switch or turning off a dial.”

This Wednesday, June 12, Ameren Illinois is donating 50 air conditioners to Crosswalk Community Action in Marion, Illinois.

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