Residents in Cape Girardeau are keeping an eye on the Mississippi River

Residents continue to watch the Mississippi River

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) -For some, the Mississippi is more than just flowing water. It’s a hobby and a part of their daily routine.

Henry Kennemore and Sarah McBride both live in Cape Girardeau, Mo. and they keep a close eye on the river levels and here’s why.

"The rivers kind of like my happy place,” Kennemore said. Mcbride added, “I’ve never seen it this high”.

They both said it’s just tough not being able to sit out on the river front . Kennemore said since the flood gates are up he hasn’t been able to do his favorite hobby.

“I started balancing rocks down there in 2017, and I go there daily to do that, and to play music,” Kennemore said.

McBride said she just misses being able to hang out with friends and watch the water .

“It’s very relaxing you just get your lawn chairs, and you sit out there. You get your friends to come down, and we all sit out there, watch the boats, and people come up and down the river,”she said.

Tourist, Leslie Jarrett, said she came to Cape to enjoy herself and see how high the river has risen.

“It’s crazy how high the river has gotten we came up a couple years when it got really high its not as bad as it was before but it’s still high,”Jarrett said.

Both Kennemore and Mcbride said it just feels like the flood gates have been up for a while.

“It seems like that flood gate has been closed for forever,” said Kennemore.

“It’s kind of sad because you have to go find and place to try to get where there’s no water so you can get the chance to see it,” said McBride.

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