Flaggers directing traffic as water creeps farther onto Route 3 in Alexander County, Ill.

Water over northbound lanes of Route 3

ALEXANDER COUNTY, Ill. (KFVS) - Flaggers are directing traffic on Monday, June 10 as water covers the northbound lanes of Route 3.

This is a half-mile south of the Highway 146/Route 3 junction in Alexander County.

You can click here to check flooded road conditions in Missouri and Illinois.

Flaggers with the Illinois Department of Transportation will be on duty overnight, according to the crews on scene.

According to the IDOT, they are moving traffic over to the southbound lanes. Currently, there’s not a ton of water over the road.

They said flaggers are in place to get people to slow down and pay attention to the road. They don’t want people hydroplaning because if they were to go off the side of the road, the water can be quite deep.

IDOT is concerned it could get worse, and are monitoring the issue. They hope this is a short-term issue since the river has crested.

According to the department, they have been mobilizing crews all over and specifically to Wolf Lake, McClure and East Cape.

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