Cape Girardeau police K-9 remembered

Honoring K-9 Officer Reno

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Former Cape Girardeau Police K-9 Reno died on Saturday.

Reno was put down after a mass was discovered in him that led to some other complications.

Cape Girardeau Patrolman Roy Rahn was the handler for Reno from when the K-9 started in 2009 until he retired in 2017. Afterwards, Rahn took care of Reno as a pet.

"Reno was into retirement and living a good life," Rahn said. "I don't think I had a leash or a collar on him since he retired. I live out in the county so he was able to run and be free."

Rahn said the past couple of days have been tough without Reno by his side.

"He was doing fine and then started showing some signs of not feeling well," Rahn explained. "I got him to the vet and they did a great job. They located the problem and the outcome was inevitable."

The Cape Girardeau Police Department has four K-9s on staff. Rahn said they are a vital part of the department and the community.

“They’re an extra tool that we use on the street and they are a valuable tool,” Rahn said. “They’re an expensive tool but they’re extremely valuable. They get us in places and do things for us that humans just aren’t capable of doing.”

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