Red Cross pleading for Type O donors

O- type blood supply dangerously low

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The American Red Cross is pleading for type O blood.

According to officials there is a critical shortage for the blood type, they said they only have a two-day supply.

O negative blood is used up quickly because it can be given to anyone, no matter their blood type.

Although the need for O blood is urgent, officials says they are low on all blood types.

“97 percent of us in our life will need blood. And when you ask people to donate, I think the person they think is blood and then needle. But the needle part is only five-10 minutes. And you saved up to three people’s lives I mean how amazing is that?” said Michelle Johnson an account representative for the Red Cross.

If you donate between now and June 10 you will get a $5 amazon gift card plus an email with info on which hospital received your blood.

To find a place to donate near you, click here.

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