Sheriff: Storm sirens to warn Wolf Lake, Ware residents of levee breach

Union County flood preparation

UNION COUNTY, Ill. (KFVS) - The Union County sheriff is reminder residents in the Wolf Lake and Ware area that storm sirens will be used in the event of a levee breach or flooding situation.

As a warning to the residents in the Wolf Lake and Ware area, Sheriff Scott Harvel said in the event of a levee breach/flooding situation, the tornado sirens will be activated for a three-minute period.

Residents should be aware of their evacuation routes and take into consideration the area of the breach. The evacuation route should be determined and based upon the area of the breach to avoid it.

For quick evacuation, residents are reminded to gather “items of personal need” such as personal identification, medications, insurance policies and other important documents (birth certificates, passports, etc). Consider taking photographs of your home and property to include with “items of personal need.”

Families should establish a safety plan in the event conditions would require evacuation from their homes. Part of this plan should include ways to communicate or reunite if not together during the emergency or separated during the evacuation.

The sheriff’s office said you should never attempt to drive or walk through a road covered by water or swift-moving water. If you drive upon a road covered by water or swift-moving water, stop, turn around and find alternative routes.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Management Agency advised residents living in low-lying areas that are prone to flooding to be aware of area conditions and take precautions until river stages fall to a safe level.

Due to the threat of serious flooding conditions, the Levee District and Sheriff Harvel closed all levee roads to public traffic.

The sheriff’s department adds that the county will continue to activate the sirens for all Union County communities should a tornado warning be issued for Union County or the surrounding counties if the county could potentially be in the path of that same storm.

Residents can sign up for community alerts in case of a breach here, or call the sheriff’s office at 618-833-5500.

A State of Emergency was declared for Union County due to the rising Mississippi River levels.

Union County Board Chairman Max Miller signed a Union County Disaster Proclamation on Friday, May 31.

According to Union County Sheriff Scott Harvel, until further notice, all normal siren testing was suspended.

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