Grand Tower, Ill. preps for flooding

Grand Tower, Ill. preps for flooding

GRAND TOWER, Ill. (KFVS) - All eyes are on rising Mississippi flood waters in the town of Grand Tower, Illinois.

With crests expected to rise this week, residents are rolling up their sleeves to help protect their homes.

According to Fire Chief Dennis Wright, where the river crest lies now at around 44 feet, they’ve still got some room before they really have to start worrying about flooding.

Still, townspeople aren’t taking many chances, many taking turns filling hundreds of sandbags at the city garage.

“They started yesterday,” Chief Wright said, “they’ve been going since about 9 this morning. We’re running out of sand but we got more coming.”

Throughout the day, Heartland News reporters saw at least two extra dump trucks of sand drop more for people to bag with.

Wright said this town is pretty used to flooding, so people know what to do when flood threats are like this. With the number of people helping, he’s confident they can get enough sandbags to minimize damage.

A lot of people have been sending extra supplies to help as well. Particularly pallets according to Wright. He said it’s almost too many in fact.

“Slow the pallets down. We’re good,” he said, “we’ve got people’s phone numbers and if we need anymore, we’ll put a request on our web page for Grand Tower.”

At this point, Wright said all they really need now is fortunate weather.

“Right now the only thing we need is luck, no rain, and the river levels to go down,” he said.

Wright also said most of the sandbags will be used to fill in gaps in the flood wall where it lies lower than the rest. An example would be the boat ramp near city hall and the bank in town.

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