Rising waters in St. Mary is changing traveling routes for many people

Rising waters in St. Mary

SAINT MARY, Mo. (KFVS) - Fighting floodwater becomes a way of life along the Mississippi River, and one of its channels has taken over the bridge connecting St. Mary, Missouri to Kaskaskia Island.

“Too much rain and a lot of what being released from the reservoir up north,” Lankford said.

Kathy Lankford lives on KasKasKia Island, and for the past three weeks, she’s needed a boat to get to St. Mary, Missouri and back, as State Route U remains underwater.

“Kind of takes a toll on a person” she said, but Lankford doesn’t worry about the constant flooding. “They run levee patrol day and night and they have a few spots that they keep eye on and sand boils they call them, and they take care of those."

David Wood is the EMA director across the Mississippi Channel in Saint Mary and he said this is not end of the rising water.

“From where we are at this point there predicting it’s going to go up another two and a half feet,” he said.

They are more prepared now than in the past because they have rock barriers holding water back from homes and plenty of sandbags available.

“Unfortunately they’re used to it they’ve been through this before so we know what’s going to be hit with water so they’re taking preventive measures,” said Woods.

“Its just the way of life a lot of it is because they build so much along the river a lot of the runoff goes straight into the river," said Lankford.

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