Pink Up: Mobile mammography van saves Piedmont woman’s life

Pink Up: Mamm van saves woman

PIEDMONT, MO (KFVS) - Shannon Stickferd said while she’s had numerous mammograms, last year life and her rural hometown of Piedmont became road blocks.

“We are not close to the hospital, you can’t just run in after work and get a mammogram,” explained Shannon. “We have children and activities and I was very much behind in my mammogram and I knew that I needed to get it.”

By chance, or what Shannon calls divine intervention, the mobile mammography van pulled into her town.

“It was a rainy, yucky day and they had cancellations,” said Shannon.

Shannon didn’t have an appointment, but she said she happened to be at the right place at the right time. The results confirmed something Shannon was sure she didn’t have.

“It’s cancer and I couldn’t believe it,” said Shannon.

She had stage one cancer with some aggressive features.

“If I had waited to get the mammogram later, my cancer may have gotten larger because it wasn’t something I detected on my own,” explained Shannon.

Ginny Ginithan is the director of Imaging and Woman Care Services at Saint Francis Healthcare System. She said in less than two years, this van has seen almost 250 individuals.

"A screening mammogram is one of the most important screening tools that you can have, said Ginithan. “The sooner you can catch a breast cancer the more successful you are at ending that cancer and saving a life.”

Shannon is living proof of that, she’s been in remission for almost a year now.

“Do it, do the mammogram,” said Shannon. “I’m so grateful that the van was available and it is going to be available in other areas so that we can reach out to more people.”

The Mamm Van will be back in the Heartland in July, and appointments fill up fast. Doniphan, Dexter, East Prairie and Farmington the van is coming to you! Here are the dates and locations.

Dexter - July 15

  • Location: Saint Francis Health Center - Dexter

East Prairie - July 16

  • Location: Ferguson Medical Group - East Prairie

Doniphan - July 17

  • Location: Doniphan Family Clinic

Farmington - July 18

  • Location: Farmington Physician Associates - Farmington

You can call 573-331-5111 to make an appointment.

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